UL 142 Aboveground Storage Tanks

WINBCO is proud to maintain a 100% return business rate with our customers. This fact is a testament to our trustworthy, reliable aboveground storage tanks optimized for extended service life with our custom, top-quality designs. Our manufacturers have carefully constructed safe, structurally sound UL 142 tanks for high-risk, essential industries like biofuels, chemical processing, oil storage, food and beverages for decades. To date, none of our petroleum storage tanks or process tanks have malfunctioned or contributed to hazardous working conditions. If you require long-term storage of dangerous, flammable chemicals like petroleum, there’s no room for error. When there’s no room for error, WINBCO is the leading tank manufacturer to deliver a custom UL 142 tank detailed to your exact specifications.

What is a UL 142 fuel tank?

UL 142 tanks are steel aboveground storage tanks designed to safely store combustible, flammable liquids. UL 142s must meet construction standards enforced by the Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Important design considerations include using durable materials, allowing pressures up to 1 psig and installing safety controls like vents and leak detection.

All of WINBCO’s UL 142 chemical and petroleum storage tanks are custom-built within the parameters of the UL 142 code, with the option to request the orientation and shape of the tank based on your facility's needs. Whether horizontal or vertical, cylindrical, rectangular or round, we ensure compliance with all safety regulations established by the NFPA while curating a quality vessel unique to your processes and chemical compounds. All UL 142 tanks must be shop-assembled and cannot be erected in the field like other custom tanks we can build on-site for you. Once we talk through your specifications, our team gets to work fabricating your project in our 80,000+ square feet facility, where our highly trained technicians build, test and provide regular project updates to ensure our guaranteed on line, on time delivery.

UL 142 Aboveground Storage Tanks for Petroleum & Hazardous Chemicals

At WINBCO, we know UL 142 petroleum storage tanks pose a big risk to your facility, your employees and surrounding patrons if poisonous chemicals leak into the air or catch fire from an improperly constructed tank. That’s why we’ve established and innovated our own technology and automated welding equipment to provide the strongest quality, performance and finish, only possible through our specialty tools and expertise. We specialize in stainless steel fabrication for superior longevity and limited maintenance needs over the tank's lifespan. WINBCO minimizes the risk inherent to flammable liquids by procuring the sturdiest materials and parts to keep your tank firmly sealed and chemicals safely stored.

After completing assembly in our shop, our aboveground storage tanks undergo extensive testing in line with the UL 142 requirements. No tank leaves our site until we’ve proven it fits the criteria for the necessary hydrostatic strength, top loading, buoyancy and tank support load capabilities as determined by the NFPA and our own stringent quality assurance policies. We ensure no leaks are present and no structural damage exists so your risks of an explosion or chemical exposure are greatly reduced. Our custom UL 142 tanks range up to 80 feet long with 14 feet for a maximum diameter. With that in mind, we are happy to talk through your requests and provide customization for the following specifications:

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Construction material
  • Internal and external design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Design-specific gravity
  • Tank support
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WINBCO Customizes UL 142 Tanks to Match Your Exact Specifications

As an employee-owned company, our legacy endures through our invested engineers who treat our mission and reputation as their own. We stay on top of UL 142 tank projects with careful attention to detail and precision that ensure peak performance to keep up with your processes. Our technicians are often called in to fix petroleum storage tanks when other tank constructors fail to live up to the necessary safety and performance standards. We provide fully structural repairs to restore your UL 142 tank to optimal condition to prevent safety hazards, fines and facility closures. When WINBCO’s on the job, we protect your peace of mind with above-and-beyond quality fit for essential aboveground storage tanks.

In addition to our UL 142 customization capabilities, we’ve constructed thousands of API 650 oil storage tanks and ASME pressure vessels. Our extensive industry expertise allows us to custom-build a variety of tanks for your facility. With our vast experience, we provide fixed-rate quotes to lock in prices from our initial estimate. It’s our job to know what we’re procuring and any associated expenses, so we’ll never penalize you if we go over the intended budget. Through our forward-thinking approach, we’re able to move quickly from quote to design and procurement and, finally, fabrication and quality assurance testing. In addition to our own rigorous inspections led by our OSHA-certified staff, we call on third-party inspectors who verify our strict adherence to the UL 142 code as an added safety precaution for your assurance.

Throughout each stage, you’ll have easy access to an assigned point of contact who will continue to provide updates as our work progresses. We hold ourselves accountable to our promised deliverable and ensure our tanks are on line, on time when you need them. WINBCO guarantees our products, includes warranties for products and delivery and performs residual life assessments to evaluate the tank’s continued performance over time. Partnering with WINBCO for your UL 142 aboveground storage tank results in our lasting commitment to customer service and custom tank solutions certified with the UL 142 stamp when you need them.

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Ready to optimize your facility’s processes with a custom-built petroleum storage tank? Trust WINBCO to talk you through all of the design specifications we need to get started. Contact us to learn more or request a quote to lock in pricing and secure project details.

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