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WINBCO is a top constructor of storage tanks across the most in-demand industries in the United States. As a leading tank company based in Iowa, we’re right in the heart of the ethanol and biofuel industries. Constructing custom ASME code pressure vessels, API 650 tanks and UL 142 tanks from coast to coast, we have decades of experience delivering on line, on time industrial storage and process tanks for seamless operations. We specialize in stainless steel shop-built or field-erected vessels tailored to your design parameters while adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards in the industry. From quoting to execution and quality assurance, WINBCO tanks are designed to endure tough elements and ensure effortless performance.

Storage Tanks

WINBCO’s custom storage tank capabilities factor in critical design elements like diameter, height, material type, internal and external pressure, temperature, gravity, support and more based on your specifications. Our request for a quote form allows you to build your ideal tank, which we will bring to life in our 80,000+ square feet facility or in the field, depending on the application. With dozens of years of collective experience, our leadership team is here to help facilitate your requests and certify compliance with product stamps for ASME code pressure vessels, API 650 tanks and UL 142 tanks. For tank systems that are failing or faulty, countless clients turn to WINBCO’s expertise, knowing we can repair mistakes made by other manufacturers.

While these industry standard product codes allow for a strong foundation for your project, our unique customizations enable you to optimize performance in line with your business goals and production needs. We readily accommodate industrial storage tank designs up to 14 feet in diameter and up to 150 feet tall in the shop, with larger capacities available through our field erection services.

ASME Code Pressure Vessels

WINBCO strictly adheres to regulations set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for the safe, optimal construction of pressure vessels with long-lasting efficiency and performance in mind. Pressure vessels and boilers exceeding 15 pounds per square inch of internal pressure must be built, tested and stamped for ASME certification. With safety enforced from the start, we encourage our clients to customize their ASME code pressure vessels with other facets like durability and dependability.

To help manufacture a product to meet your needs, we offer a variety of top-tier materials to choose from, including carbon, stainless, duplex and nickel alloy steel or any other metal specification. From equalization tanks and molecular sieves to slurry or steep tanks and even food-grade fabrication, the integrity of our design is unmatched for innovative industries that can’t afford downtime.

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API 650 Tanks

Following the requirements outlined by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for the secure aboveground storage of oil, gas, biofuels and chemicals, our experienced team has constructed thousands of API 650 tanks across the continent that still stand strong today. While atmospheric conditions and pressure allowances are strictly regulated, we work with our clients to build industrial storage tanks for a variety of sizes and purposes. Our experience includes stillage tanks, fermenters, beer wells, equalization tanks, liquefaction tanks and UASB reactors, to name a few.

Other design allowances to best suit your operations include flat or sloped bottoms, coned or domed roofs and either self-supported or internally supported structures. We cater to your requests while remaining compliant with all applicable industry regulations so you can confidently optimize your operations.

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UL 142 Tanks

UL 142 tanks must be shop-built in order to safely construct the aboveground storage vessels designed for combustible liquids like petroleum and other potentially hazardous chemicals. We are highly trained to manufacture and facilitate the safe storage of these materials, and we follow up with inspections and testing to ensure the tank can securely store the elements it's intended for. UL 142 tanks are the standard for any industrial storage tank regulated by a number of codes from the National Fire Protection Association. WINBCO greatly reduces the risks associated with the storage of these flammable materials through careful adherence to code, top quality construction and customizations for industrial storage tanks made to your exact specifications.

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Custom Storage Tank Systems

While ASME code pressure vessels, API 650 tanks and UL 142 tanks provide the standard for most tank system requests, our team is fully equipped to carry out additional construction needs for custom storage tank systems while ensuring compliance with your industry. Learn more about our custom storage tank capabilities.

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WINBCO Is a Reputable Storage Tank Company in Iowa Providing Superior Solutions & Service

As the top-referenced tank company in Iowa and nationwide, WINBCO is proud to design, construct and ship custom industrial storage tanks anywhere in the United States. Along with our custom design capabilities, clients also count on us for fast, cost-effective repairs when tanks wear down or are designed incorrectly by another manufacturer. Rest assured, WINBCO’s attention to detail and industry-leading expertise will set your operations up for continued success. We work with third-party inspectors to implement our quality assurance measures so you always have confidence our team is living up to our high standards and promises. When it comes to tank erectors you can trust, WINBCO has the most proven success in the shop and in the field.

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As the leading custom tank company in Iowa, WINBCO is eager to take on your custom industrial storage tank projects and deliver timely solutions designed to last. Contact our team or request a quote to get started today.

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