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Custom Tank Manufacturers

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The Most referenced Constructor of Tank Systems
Across All Industries in the United States

Ethanol & Corn Mills

Ethanol & Corn Mills

WINBCO constructed the first anhydrous ethanol plant in the country in 1978. Our early expertise in the industry fueled hundreds of projects spanning through the turn of the 21st century. Today 80% of all ethanol producers in the country have called on WINBCO’s cutting-edge solutions. We provide custom tanks no matter the scope of the project, including process tanks, fermentation tanks, wastewater tanks and product storage vessels so our customers can be fully operable.

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Sustainable Biofuels

Sustainable Biofuels

We custom-build every tank and accommodate all of your shop fabrication or field erection requests for the growing sustainable biofuels industry. Our expertise covers a large range of the most complicated, durable alloys, including duplex and super duplex stainless, nickel alloys and hastelloy. 

That means we have all of the materials and tools we need at our disposal to construct custom tanks with the utmost precision within your parameters. Because such care is taken before we even begin construction, our final products are powerful tanks able to support the demands of this booming industry.


Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

There’s no time to waste as demand for sustainable aviation fuel skyrockets. WINBCO’s on line, on time commitment to service never wavers, and neither does our pursuit of cutting edge solutions to empower innovation. We’ve developed the most advanced process technologies for welding and construction and proudly custom-build tanks for superior performance to help scale the growth of the in-demand sustainable aviation fuel industry with long-lasting storage solutions.


Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

To combat corrosive chemicals, WINBCO strategically constructs storage tanks using long-lasting carbon or stainless steel, depending on the application. Stainless steel has the highest life expectancy compared to epoxy-coated or glass-lined tanks, which are much more susceptible to expensive repairs. We use only the strongest materials for chemical storage tanks with either corrosive or pure contents. 

Working with various chemicals and toxins, often on a tight schedule, chemical processing plants can’t afford to settle for inferior quality. When you work with WINBCO, you’re investing in top performance and quality that lasts well into the future.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

WINBCO custom-builds stainless steel storage tanks for a variety of food and beverage uses and applications, including fermenters, beer wells, up flow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) reactors and more. UASB reactors in particular are catching the eye of many industries for their proven effectiveness and economic advantages. These tanks benefit breweries, sugar refining and the food and beverage industry at large for cost-effective treatment of the wastewater produced. 

Stainless steel is critical to the performance of a UASB reactor since it isn’t compromised by corrosion that can lead to leaks and a delay of operations. No matter what types of vessels you need, we think ahead when we construct our tanks to maximize each custom-built project for longevity and lower overall costs to maintain throughout its lifespan.

Oil Storage

Oil Storage

WINBCO specializes in API 650 tanks designed to meet the safety standards outlined by the American Petroleum Institute for protecting the surrounding environment from oil, gasoline and other such chemicals stored inside. Beyond initial construction and planning for your project, we carry the strictest standards over to quality assurance and inspection procedures to confirm the tank is ready for operation. We are well-versed in the API 650 regulations that ensure these storage tanks are structurally sound, constructing thousands of these vessels throughout our decades of service.

Custom Tank Manufacturing

Custom Tank Manufacturing

For all of your shop assembly and field erection requests, WINBCO can customize a specialty tank built to fit smoothly into the broader scope of your operations. We know we’re just one small piece of the puzzle, which is why we work diligently to engineer and construct custom tanks and vessels on line, on time, every time. Using the most advanced process technologies for welding and construction, our capabilities (depending on the application) include but are not limited to:

  • Diameters surpassing 200 feet
  • 100% penetration welding to X-ray standards
  • Fabrication, welding and polishing for small, highly-configured tanks
  • Design parameters accommodating the needs of both high and low temperature applications

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Quality Construction, Repair & Design Capabilities from Coast to Coast

WINBCO tanks withstand the test of time, endure the elements and support considerable volumes exceeding 2 million gallons depending on the application. From distillers, stillage tanks, molecular sieves, fermenters, ASME pressure vessels, steep tanks, equalization tanks and more, WINBCO is the most referenced constructor of tank systems across all industries in the United States. Our reputation is a testament to our top-quality manufacturing and engineering services performed on time, every time.

Complex Projects Managed with Military Precision

Partnering with WINBCO provides you with a single point of contact guiding you down the necessary path for project specifications and parameters. Our fixed-rate contracts ensure no hidden fees come out of the woodwork, and our forward-thinking approach helps save time and money once we start assembly.  On site, we are entirely independent, sourcing our contractors, materials and equipment so you can continue running operations smoothly. We work tirelessly to fabricate and install any tank systems for your facility on your schedule. Our employee-owned company is entirely at your service from start to finish, with decades of collective industry experience invested in your success.


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ASME Pressure Vessel

WINBCO is not only the industry leader in field erected process systems—we are also well known for superior quality shop assembled tanks and pressure vessels. With over 120,000 square feet of under-roof floor space in five different locations, WINBCO custom fabricates and assembles every tank and vessel to customer specifications, in carbon, stainless, duplex and nickel alloy steel or any other metal specified. We use our expertise to recommend savings and time costs to expedite and help your project go smoothly up front.

Built to sustain pressure, a pressure vessel’s welding and construction integrity are critical to safety, productivity, reliability, cost-effectiveness and uninterrupted operations.


API 650 Tanks

There’s a reason API 650s are preferred by those in the oil industry. Designed, constructed and tested following the stringent parameters outlined by the American Petroleum Institute, API 650 vessels can be built to a variety of sizes and safely store oil, gas, biofuels and other chemicals in low pressure applications.

While we closely abide by the API 650 codes and requirements, we work with each of our customers to adjust specifications based on their needs within those parameters. Your above-ground storage and process tanks are in good hands with our experienced team of field erectors and shop fabricators,

UL 142 Tanks

For shop fabrications projects, we specialize in UL 142 tanks custom-built to securely store flammable liquids per the guidance outlined in the code’s regulations. The risks posed by petroleum and other chemicals are reduced greatly through the proper storage facilitated by WINBCO’s highly trained team experienced with UL 142 tank fabrication. 

Our role isn’t done until we’ve inspected and tested the final product to ensure it will withstand the elements it will be exposed to. For custom tanks built the right way, rely on WINBCO to exceed your expectations and deliver a product designed to last.

Ask our experts if we provide services in your industry.

From sales to on-site field erection, WINBCO streamlines the process, so your big ideas don’t weigh you down. That includes simplified RFQs spelling out exactly what we need from you to get started. We’d love to find out how our team could help with your next project. Let us know a few details about what you need so we can have the right person get back to you. Tell us about your project or request a quote to get started today!