Shop-Fabricated Storage Tanks & Vessels

Tank systems play a pivotal role in ensuring process efficiency and continuity. That means a poorly manufactured tank can bring business operations to a standstill. When you enlist storage tank fabrication services, you need a manufacturer you can trust. That’s why trailblazing industries depend on WINBCO as a reliable shop-built tank manufacturer for foolproof shop-fabricated tanks. Innovators from booming industries, including biofuels, aviation fuels, chemical processing, food and beverage and oil storage call on WINBCO when they want the job done right. In fact, 10% of our business is dedicated to fixing faulty tanks after another manufacturer misses the mark. A full 100% of our multiple-location customers return to WINBCO for quality tanks time and time again when the need arises for a new or expanded bioprocessing system. When you work with WINBCO for custom shop-fabricated tanks, you gain a manufacturer for life.

What are shop-fabricated storage tanks?

Shop-fabricated tanks are built assembly-line style in a controlled manufacturing facility, followed by stringent quality assurance testing. Shop-built tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes so long as transportation can safely ship the load to the job site.

In contrast, field-erected vessels are shipped in parts to the job site, where a trained team constructs and tests the tanks in place at the facility. Storage tank fabrication within a manufacturing facility is more predictable and cost-effective for tight timelines or budgets. Factors like weather and environmental conditions don’t delay the schedule as they could for field-erected projects. As an industry leading shop-built tank manufacturer, WINBCO is equipped to design and fabricate a variety of storage tanks and vessels for a multitude of applications.

Types of Shop-Fabricated Tanks & Vessels

For more than 80 years, WINBCO has constructed thousands of shop-fabricated tanks, facilitating growth for in-demand industries like ethanol and other sustainable biofuels and aviation fuels. Our prominence as a shop-built tank manufacturer has allowed us to custom-build tanks for almost limitless applications, including:

  • Crystallizers
  • Distillation columns
  • Fermenters
  • Fuel oil tanks
  • Jacketed vessels
  • Process tanks
  • Pressure vessels
  • Silos
  • Reactor vessels
  • Slurry tanks
  • Steep tanks
  • Wastewater treatment tanks
  • And more

Along with our vast expertise on comprehensive bioprocessing systems, WINBCO maintains safety and professional certifications showcasing our strict commitment to industry standards and best practices. For in-shop storage tank fabrication projects, we specialize in API 650 tanks, ASME pressure vessels, UL 142 tanks and more custom tank systems carefully constructed in our facility to comply with all applicable regulations. For more information about storage tank fabrication at our fully-equipped manufacturing facility, contact WINBCO today.

WINBCO Is Well-Equipped to Custom-Build Shop-Fabricated Storage Tanks

Located in the heart of the Midwest, WINBCO’s 80,000+ square feet manufacturing facility in Iowa is perfectly positioned to assemble and ship shop-fabricated tanks from coast to coast. We’ve optimized our equipment and processes to produce the quickest and most cost-effective turnarounds for our customers. We apply lean manufacturing techniques, eliminating any procedures or labor investments that fail to add value to our customers. WINBCO doesn’t waste time or money, bringing military precision and custom technology to our facility to execute the highest quality storage tank fabrication with the finest finishes in the business.

We specialize in stainless steel fabrication for long-lasting durability for your storage tanks. Our facility is fully equipped for metal working, including shearing, punching, press brake, roll forming, plasma and arc cutting, as well as manual, semi-automatic or auto welding. To make storage tank fabrication even more cost-effective for our customers, we lock in our metal prices when you secure a quote, ensuring no hidden fees hit your business’ bank account. To get started, we’re happy to discuss customizations for shop-fabricated tanks uniquely suited for your operations. Custom specifications include:

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Construction material
  • Internal and external design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Design-specific gravity
  • Tank support

Ask About Our Custom Storage Tank Fabrication Capabilities

Storage Tank Fabrication Requirements for Shop-Built Vessels

Storage tank fabrication relies on the specific standard dictating the safety and design features of each tank, whether API 650, ASME or UL 142 codes apply. Generally speaking, our shop-fabricated tanks can be constructed up to 150 feet tall with a maximum diameter of 14 feet. Beyond that point, we would enlist the services of our field erection team to build the vessel on site using shippable parts designed in our shop and transported to your facility. Whether your project requires shop fabrication, field erection or both, WINBCO has you covered.

Trust WINBCO as Your Shop-Built Tank Manufacturer

WINBCO’s long-standing reputation as a reliable shop-built tank manufacturer is preserved through our on line, on time mentality. That means we make it our mission to deliver shop-fabricated tanks by your project deadline within the scope of your budget. Storage tank fabrication is a timely, streamlined process for producing high-performing tanks with predictable labor and material costs while sticking to a set schedule. Contact WINBCO for help coordinating storage tank fabrication needs, or request a quote to secure your pricing today.

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