Field-Erected Storage Tank Construction

From the California coast to the New York shoreline, WINBCO’s construction of field-erected tanks has facilitated growth for cutting-edge industries requiring reliable process or storage vessels. In 1978, we were tasked with erecting the first anhydrous ethanol plant in the country, but we didn’t stop there. To date, WINBCO has participated in the storage tank construction of 80% of all existing ethanol plants in the United States, solidifying our expertise as a top trusted field-erected tank company. We custom-build bioprocessing facilities for sustainable biofuel and aviation fuel production, chemical processing, oil storage, food and beverage facilities and more. As one of the fastest field erectors in the country, we’re committed to providing on line, on time service when you need us.

What are field-erected tanks?

Field-erected tanks are constructed at a job site as tank size dictates. Tanks beyond shipping capacity (taller than 150 feet and larger than 14 feet in diameter) are assembled on-site rather than in a manufacturing facility.

Field-fabricated tanks offer more flexibility than vessels manufactured in a shop. While shop-assembled vessels are limited by the scope of the facility and transportation needs, field-erected storage tanks have no upper boundaries, as long as they adhere to the applicable code. The sky is truly the limit, and WINBCO is here to help your processes reach their full potential with field-erected tanks built to amplify your abilities.

Types of Field-Erected Storage Tanks & Process Vessels

WINBCO is proud to be employee-owned, so we know each team member takes our responsibilities seriously. Our certified field crew enforces the strictest safety standards and ensures all field-erected tanks follow the appropriate code to a T, while still tailoring each tank to your specific needs. We regularly erect API 650 oil storage tanks and ASME pressure vessels on location for a number of applications, including:

  • Reactors
  • Stainless steel storage tanks
  • SACC tanks
  • Dome-roof tanks
  • Steep tanks
  • Fermenter tanks
  • And more

As your facility expands its capacities and capabilities, our field-erected tank company has decades of hands-on experience constructing field-fabricated tanks to suit your unique operations. We readily put our expertise to use for you, expediting each project with ultra-efficient labor, equipment and material optimizations leading to cost savings and timely completion for our customers. Contact WINBCO to learn more about the safe construction of field-fabricated tanks, including stainless steel storage tanks, fermenter tanks and more, at your job site.

Superior Field-Fabricated Tanks Built to Your Specifications

Our full-scale services for field-erected tanks include raw material transportation from our own heavy-duty construction fleet and material handling for the project from start to finish. We’re self-sufficient, completing our field erection services with military precision without getting in your way. All we ask for from you is a power supply and foundation for your project. We employ a full-time field superintendent to supervise our employees and progress on each site so your team has nothing to worry about.

Upon project completion, we welcome third-party testing in addition to our own tests and safety evaluations for added peace of mind. Rest assured, our field-erected storage tanks are only constructed once the crew completes safety orientation to safely navigate the job site. If your tank specifications require smaller-capacity applications or need to be designed in a controlled environment, we can also coordinate shop assembly and shipping from our 80,000+ square feet facility in Iowa.

Together, we’ve built thousands of tanks, but we also repair damaged or corroded field-fabricated tanks improperly executed by other erectors in the industry. A significant 10% of our business goes to on-site repairs for first-time customers who had a negative experience with their previous manufacturer. Many businesses turn to WINBCO for tailored tank systems done right the first time. Our storage tank customization options include:

  • Diameter
  • Height
  • Construction material (including stainless steel for maximum durability in the field)
  • Internal and external design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Design-specific gravity
  • Tank support

Ask Us About On-Site Field-Erected Tank Construction

A Field-Erected Tank Company You Can Trust to Be On Line, On Time

It’s not easy finding a storage tank construction company specializing in field-erected tanks you can trust to work at your facility alongside your own employees. WINBCO has put in the work for more than 80 years to cement our reputation as manufacturers you can trust for field-fabricated tanks on line, on time and within your budget. Contact WINBCO to discuss custom field-erected stainless steel tanks and storage vessels for your facility, or request a quote today to lock in prices for your upcoming project. We honor our initial quote and don’t pass any additional costs on to our customers!

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