WINBCO Mission

WINBCO Tank Company and its employees are wholly dedicated to providing the highest quality tanks and tank systems with “on line on time” service. We take pride in serving our customers and their needs as our highest priority regardless of project size.

We bring our expertise and experience to assist in all aspects of a project’s life, from preliminary design, to securing of firm prices, working within the customers’ schedule constraints, and delivering the best constructed tanks and systems for a successful project. We commit to our customers and employees to provide a highly skilled and professional team, quality materials, state of the art equipment and, above all, a safe working environment.

Our commitments to our customers and to a high-quality process have been the hallmarks of our success for over 80 years.

WINBCO Early History

WINBCO began in 1939 as a division of Winger and Winger Boss Company and began independent operations as WINBCO Tank Company in 1979. Since then, WINBCO has increased its capabilities through developing internal resources and affiliating with major companies in allied fields.

The energy squeeze of the 1970's allowed WINBCO to further its experience and capabilities by engineering and manufacturing to meet alternative fuel mandates. In 1978 WINBCO was responsible for manufacturing the 1st commercial anhydrous alcohol producing plant in the country. Since then WINBCO has been a contributor to practically all viable ethanol plant constructions and expansions.

WINBCO Achievement Highlights

For the past 75 years, we have adhered to standards of quality that have helped set WINBCO as a leader in process tank manufacturing, installation, engineering, and project management.


  • Founded in 1939 as Winger Manufacturing Company.
  • Quickly developed expertise in fabricating special alloy steels.
  • Primary products were initially used in the construction industry and meat packing industries or South-eastern Iowa.

1970 - 1978

  • Continued to develop strong customer relationships with the grain processors ( ADM, Cargill, Staley Corn Products and Grain Processing, ect).
  • Worked closely with clients to develop new stainless systems for many different processes within their industries.
  • In 1978, WINBCO manufactured Continuous Steep Tanks for the 1st Commercial Anhydrous Alcohol plant in the country.

1979 - 2013

  • Has grown to service multiple locations and is compromised of over 100,000 sqft of manufacturing capacity.
  • Developed a specialized logistics fleet capable of delivering tanks with diameters of 20' and lengths up to 180' (when permitted by law).
  • Developed manufacturing capabilities to deliver a full range of services from shop tanks, field erected vessels, and even engineering, planning, fabrications, delivery, and installation of entire projects.

2013 - and Beyond

  • Continued focus on remaining an industry leader in providing steel process tank, manufacturing, fabrication, and installations.
  • Working closely with clients looking to expand capacity in North American operations.
  • Helping US companies continually meet their industry's need for cutting edge and remain competitive in a growing world market.