Winbco has over 80 years of industry leading process tank manufacturing. Our manufacturing department can fabricate your project's requirements for shop built tanks, large field erected tanks, or even completely manage your entire project with our in-house engineering department.

Shop Built Tanks

shop built tank example image

We build distillation columns, process vessels, jacketed vessels, process tanks, with diameters of up to 20' and lengths of up to 180' (local law permitting), using carbon steel / stainless steel. Our plant facilities are equipped to perform all required metal working processes including:

  • Shearing
  • Punching
  • Press Brake
  • Roll Forming
  • Plasma and Arc Cutting
  • Manul / Semi-Sutomatic / Auto Welding

Our specialty is stainless steel fabrication, however we can handle a wide range of metals including carbon steel and various alloys.

Shop Built Examples

Field Erected Vessels

field erected example image

Reactors, Storage Tanks, SACC Tanks, Dome Roof Tanks, Steep Tanks, Fermenters, including diameters exceeding 100 ft. using Stainless Steel / Carbon Steel.

We maintain a heavy duty construction equipment fleet and qualified field erection crews under the direction of our management and full-time superintendent on each site location.

All Winbco production operations are vertically integrated so that we can operate without having to subcontract for outside services. We maintain complete control of all production phases including:

  • Raw Material Transportation
  • Material Handling
  • Vessel Testing
  • Field Erection

Field Erected Examples