WINBCO has over 80 years of industry leading process tank manufacturing experience. Our manufacturing department can fabricate your project's requirements for shop built tanks, large field erected tanks, or even completely manage your entire project with our in-house engineering department.

WINBCO’s Industry Expertise

We’ve been serving a wide variety of industries since 1939, and our team is always evolving our processes to create innovative, high quality tanks. The industries where we have the largest competitive presence include: ethanol & corn mills, sustainable biofuels, sustainable aviation fuels, chemical processing, food & beverage and oil storage. Ask our experts if we provide services in your industry.

Shop-Fabricated Tanks

WINBCO executes our in-house storage tank fabrication services with military precision through a streamlined assembly line operation in our 80,000+ square feet manufacturing facility. We custom-build shop-fabricated tanks for countless industries and applications, including chemical processing, sustainable biofuel production and oil storage.

Together, our team and our facility have built thousands of vessels for various purposes, so we have the expertise and equipment to construct a custom tank tailored for your unique operations. Efficient, cost-effective and timely, WINBCO is a trusted, highly sought-after shop-built tank manufacturer serving customers from coast to coast. 

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Field-Erected Tanks

For large-capacity tanks exceeding shipping limits, WINBCO’s field team is experienced in on-site construction for top-quality field-erected tanks tailored to your operations. We maintain our own heavy-duty construction fleet to transport and manage all materials on-site throughout the duration of the project. Our field-certified team constructs the tank to meet applicable code standards, and we thoroughly test the tank to ensure it provides everything you need.

WINBCO is one of the fastest field-erected tank companies in the country, executing system designs with precision and supervision from our own superintendents. We don’t interfere with operations aside from a power hookup and the space needed to erect the tank. WINBCO handles every aspect of field-fabricated tank projects for you—your team doesn’t need to worry about a thing!

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