ASME Code Pressure Vessels: Built for Efficiency & Performance

WINBCO never shies away from high-pressure projects. In fact, we specialize in ASME code pressure vessels, designing hundreds of our custom vessels to perform at top caliber under pressure for critical industries like sustainable biofuels, aviation fuels, chemical processing, food and beverage and oil storage. We know pressure vessels are important components of larger processes for expansive operations, so WINBCO does our part by ensuring on line, on time execution with ASME pressure vessels ready for productivity when you need them. Our 100% return business rate reflects our satisfied customers who recognize WINBCO as a trusted, timely manufacturer of pressure vessels. When the pressure is on, WINBCO steps up to the plate with enduring storage tanks and process vessels for decades of uninterrupted performance.

What is the difference between a pressure vessel and storage tank?

A pressure vessel is built to sustain high-pressure applications from 10 PSI. If operations are likely to surpass the environment’s standard atmospheric pressure, a pressure vessel must be used for safety. Traditional storage tanks can only preserve materials within the atmospheric limit.

Regarding design, the pressure limit is the main distinguishing feature from a regular storage tank. Otherwise, pressure vessels can be built to suit many of the same requests, such as size, volume, temperature and more. However, because pressure vessels must be precisely constructed with safety and efficiency in mind, we follow the most stringent regulations and practices set forth in the engineering industry.

What is an ASME pressure vessel?

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) strictly regulates the design and testing of pressure vessels to prevent harm to industrial workers and property due to a defective boiler or vessel. ASME code pressure vessels are certified to withstand pressures exceeding 15 PSI and undergo vigorous inspections to ensure compliance.

WINBCO manufacturers are well-versed in ASME standards for shop-assembled and field-erected pressure vessels alike. Whether working within our own 80,000+ square feet facility or in the field to construct tanks from the ground up, we enforce stringent adherence to the ASME code while allowing you the freedom and flexibility to custom-request design features per your specifications. A WINBCO-engineered, ASME-certified pressure vessel provides peace of mind and protects from liability concerns with proven uptime and perfected compliance in place.

Our Customizable ASME Code Pressure Vessels

Trusted as a reputable manufacturer of pressure vessels for more than 80 years, our team has custom-built ASME code pressure vessels for countless applications. From equalization, liquefaction, slurry and steep tanks to molecular sieves, distillers and more, our possibilities to improve your operational performance are limitless. WINBCO’s commitment to top-quality design begins with our cutting-edge technology established in-house to ensure maximum control over product quality, performance and finish. We primarily use sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel for supreme durability and longevity, but we’re also experienced with carbon steel and additional alloys as needed. Food-grade finishes are available upon request. We’re proud to guarantee a scratch-free product with 100% penetration welding to X-ray standards for all of our customers.

Our ASME pressure vessels may be shop-assembled up to 14 feet in diameter and 150 feet in length. For specs outside of this scope, our expert field erectors can construct vessels on-site quickly and with little disturbance to operations. Other specifications we’re happy to take into account include, but are not limited to:

  • Height
  • Construction material
  • Internal and external design pressure as permitted by ASME standards
  • Design temperature
  • Design-specific gravity
  • Tank support
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WINBCO Is an Industry-Leading Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels

WINBCO takes a big picture approach to our ASME pressure vessel designs, proactively supporting project managers and contractors with fixed prices promised from the initial quote. We empower our customers to make strategic, operational decisions knowing WINBCO won’t raise prices or throw in unexpected fees. You never have to plan around WINBCO because we’ll smoothly fill in the missing pieces on line, on time, at a price you can plan for in advance, locking in metal prices for key components like shells, nozzles and skirts from the start. As part of our promise to you, we’ll never charge you for expenses we failed to factor in or estimated incorrectly.

In addition to guaranteed prices, we guarantee our products with residual life assessments and warranties for both the product and delivery. Per our strict adherence to ASME standards, all of our pressure vessels undergo extensive quality assurance on-site and must pass the inspection of a third party before being certified. When we guarantee WINBCO quality, we really mean it. Our reputation is respected nationwide, so much so that we’re frequently called in to repair issues left by other manufacturers who failed to meet your specs or industry standards. We set the standard as a dependable manufacturer of pressure vessels and boilers, restoring ASME code pressure vessels to operate at maximum capacity.

For low-pressure needs, we also have extensive experience constructing API 650 and UL 142 storage tanks. You can count on WINBCO for all of your storage tank and process vessel needs.

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Ready to optimize safety and performance with an ASME code pressure vessel custom-designed for your operations? Our experts have quoted, sourced and designed thousands of tanks across the United States. With our advanced experience, we’re happy to help determine specs and customize an ASME code pressure vessel for your process or storage needs with prices locked in from the start. Contact us to learn more or request a free quote to secure pricing for your project.

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