API 650 Welded Oil Storage Tanks

Long recognized as a leading oil storage tank manufacturer in the United States, WINBCO produces unrivaled quality for our API 650 welded tanks for oil storage. In our 80+ year history, we’ve constructed thousands of API 650 tanks, including 80% of all standing ethanol tanks still in operation across the country. Our continued prominence in the biofuels, chemical processing, oil, food and beverage industries is a testament to our trusted team of manufacturers. WINBCO ensures decades of longevity with our durable API 650 oil storage tanks delivered online, on time, every time.

What is an API 650 tank?

API 650 tanks are built and tested to design standards identified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for the construction of above-ground welded tanks for oil storage. The code regulates the construction of atmospheric tanks up to 2.5 psig and 500°F with the option of flat or sloped bottoms and cone or dome roofs.

Though API 650s set the standard for oil storage tanks, they’re also commonly used to safely store chemicals, gas, water and biofuels in low-pressure conditions. WINBCO’s highly trained team of oil storage tank manufacturers completes shop-assembled projects in our 80,000+ square feet facility located in Iowa, the heart of the biofuels industry and a central location to ship tanks from coast to coast. We can also travel for field-erected assignments if the scope of the project requires on-site construction.

WINBCO’s Custom-Manufactured API 650 Oil Storage Tanks

While the WINBCO team strictly follows regulations outlined by the API 650 standard, we have the expertise and experience in the industry to custom-build oil storage tanks and process tanks to your specifications while remaining compliant. We’ll work with you to decide on custom specs like diameter, height, construction material, internal and external design pressure, design temperature, design-specific gravity, tank support (self-supported cones or internally supportive columns) and more. We specialize in stainless steel fabrication to provide the maximum product lifespan and quality but also work with carbon steel and other alloys as requested.

Our welded tanks for oil storage are built using WINBCO’s innovative technology and automated welding equipment developed in-house for superior quality, performance and finish. We guarantee no scratching on final products, 100% penetration welding to X-ray standards and a tighter, finer finish no other manufacturer on the market can live up to. As a result, WINBCO’s oil storage tanks and process vessels are dependable and cost-effective, with few maintenance needs and uninterrupted performance for decades of uptime and lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan.

For shop-assembled fabrication, we can custom-build API 650 tanks for a variety of purposes up to 14 feet in diameter and 150 feet tall. Anything outside of those parameters is eagerly handled by our field erection team who build our vessels on site to meet your specifications. API 650 tanks are typically used for liquid storage, but we can design a custom tank to meet your needs, including food-grade finishes if applicable. Examples of our wide variety of API 650 tanks include, but are not limited to:

  • Stillage tanks
  • Storage tanks
  • Fermenters
  • Beer wells
  • Equalization tanks
  • Liquefaction tanks
  • UASB reactors
  • Slurry tanks
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WINBCO Is an Oil Storage Tank Manufacturer You Can Trust to Be On Line, On Time

From the moment you initiate business with WINBCO, you gain an attentive, reliable and timely partner who will listen to your requests, make recommendations for oil storage tank optimizations and execute our shared vision for your vessel by your scheduled date. We promise quick responses to any request for quotes we receive, along with fixed prices guaranteed from the start. As a distinguished oil storage tank manufacturer with decades of collective industry experience amongst our team, we’re able to accurately estimate costs based on labor, material and equipment needed—as well as safety and testing requirements—upfront. If we underestimate the costs in your initial quote, we won’t pass those costs along to you.

With prices locked in from the beginning, we get to work designing your custom vessel, procuring all necessary materials and fabricating it in the shop or constructing it in the field as needed. Throughout our entire process, you’ll have a project manager who will provide regular updates, answer any questions that come up and quickly address any other requests you may have. You’re welcome to visit our facility to check in on our progress, but rest assured our highly-skilled team members perform regular inspections and audits so your product is up to code and meets all of your expectations. As an additional layer of safety and accountability for our team, we work with third-party inspectors for maximum quality assurance and peace of mind for our customers.

If an API 650 tank supplied by another oil storage tank manufacturer isn’t up to par, we regularly perform repairs and product updates to ensure welded tanks are secure for oil storage. When you want the job done right, WINBCO is the partner for you. We guarantee our products, conduct residual life assessments and include warranties for product and delivery.

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Ready to get started customizing an API 650 tank for your facility? Contact WINBCO to let us know what you’re looking for so we can help determine the appropriate specs for your site. Request a quote for more information on oil storage tank costs and timeline.

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